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Reedy Industries Is a Family of HVAC & Mechanical Services Companies

What We Believe

At Reedy Industries, we hire responsive, reliable, knowledgeable, and honest mechanical service technicians that overcome problems to keep businesses focused on what they do best.

What Our Customers Say

“They have a good response time. When we call about an emergency, they’re here within a couple of hours – even less when someone is nearby.” — RMC Customer

Southwest Town Mechanical“They are honest about what they can and can’t do. They tell me what the problem is and give me the option of having them come back later or the next day.” — Southwest Town Customer

We specialize in mechanical services to the following industries:

• Manufacturing
• Food Production
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Plastics Manufacturing
• Rubber Manufacturing
• Schools & Universities
• Religious Organizations

Safety is important to Reedy Industries

Reedy Industries is deeply committed to maintaining the highest level of safety in everything we do. Our goal is that every employee starts and ends their day safely in their home. Everyone, from our top executives to our office personnel, understands our dedication to safety. From a zero-tolerance policy for texting while driving to instructing employees to refuse to take on any job that appears to be unsafe, our entire organization is dedicated to sustaining and improving the safety of ourselves, our workers and our clients. This past year, we’ve had the honor of achieving national recognition in our field for safety. It’s our commitment to continue to maintain extensive, on-going safety training and practice programs. We are well on our way to creating an accident-free culture where safety is our first priority.

— Joe Kirmser

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