Why You’re Here

You’ve spent countless days working through complex projects and stressful situations to build a successful enterprise. Now, you are looking to take the next step.

That step can be finding a partner to jump start growth beyond what current resources allow or to ensure the legacy of your company is carried on well into the future as you begin to transition to the next phase of life.

In either case, Reedy Industries can be that partner.

Why partner with Reedy Industries?

  • Respectful. We greatly respect the brand and legacy you’ve worked hard to build. You will not see the “Reedy Industries” name on your vehicles, shirts, cards, etc.
  • Genuine. We are a third generation, family-run business with an 85+ year legacy. We will treat your business with the same care and respect. We want to grow our partnerships long into the future
  • People first. We are a “tech-first” service provider and seek other companies that treat their employees and customers with the same esteem.
  • Confidentiality. We know this is a big decision to make, and we treat every conversation with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Resourceful. We are an operating company that can bring additional human capital and financial resources to bear on day one.
  • Integrity. We do not re-trade an agreed upon letter of intent.
  • Efficient. We are respectful of your and management’s time. We can close an acquisition in as little as 30 days from the signing of a letter of intent.
  • Flexible. Every company and every situation is unique. We will work with you to structure and complete a transaction in a manner that is suitable to all parties involved.
  • Experienced. We’ve acquired over 20 companies in our history and have averaged two transactions per year over the last five years.
  • Honest. We will provide contact information for past owners for you to call and confirm the above.

Recent Acquisitions


Bogot Service Company
Chambers Mechanical


Parkway Mechanical


Chicago Cooling Corporation
Air Temp Mechanical
Corrigan Company Heating & Air Conditioning


Northern Mechanical
Broesch Mechanical Services, Inc.


Northern Mechanical
Broesch Mechanical Services, Inc.


Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical


Northern Mechanical


Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical
Northern Mechanical

What are we looking for?

Company types

  • HVAC service providers with good, longstanding commercial or industrial accounts.
  • Complementary industrial and commercial service providers – electrical, insulation, plumbing, maintenance, etc.
  • Other niche business to business service providers that can benefit from having a broader capital base and an experienced management team to serve as mentors.

General qualities

  • We prefer service and retrofit work to construction. For construction work, we prefer design build to plan spec.
  • We prefer to acquire 100% ownership for those companies that fit within our core operating strategy.
  • Cultural fit is important. People and customers come first.
  • We can acquire companies with as little as $500k in revenue, provided there is existing geographic overlap, and can acquire companies much larger.
  • We prefer to have ownership stay involved for a smooth transition of existing relationships and look to have a strong individual or team acting in support to manage daily operations.

Referral Program

If you know of an owner or company that may be a fit for Reedy Industries, we offer referral incentives for introductions made and transactions closed.